Rebecca Muller - Clairvoyant and Supernatural Researcher

Born a clairvoyant, Rebecca (Shott) Muller, has been investigating hauntings and paranormal phenomena nearly her entire life.  She's so serious, in fact, that she spent the first night of her honeymoon at the infamous Lizzie Borden house.  Rebecca has been featured on the Halloween special of NBC's Today Show to discuss her opinion of well-known haunted locations as well as exorcisms and voodoo.  She has also made television appearances and/or assisted production companies associated with the ABC Family Channel, Travel Chanel, A&E, SyFy, and Animal Planet.  You can read all about her paranormal exploits at

1. How did you become interested in the supernatural?

Being born a clairvoyant, I have always lived my life seeing and hearing from the “other side”.  When I was a child, ghosts and hauntings were not as much a fad or commercialized as they are now, so my parents wrote off my actions and conversations as being a typical child with my imaginary friends.  I thought nothing of it and knew nothing was different about me until I was a young adult, and when I accepted the fact that I was in fact unique, I spent days online and in the library researching what are considered my abilities.  I spoke to people around the world asking for advice on how to deal and cope with my abilities, and what to use them for, how I could accept myself “as is”.

2. What's the strangest or most interesting paranormal experience you've had?

All of my experiences are interesting to me, as each “case” or investigation I conduct is a new experience and a stepping stone to learn more not only about myself but of the paranormal.  The experiences I’ve had that stand out the most are those that are actually concrete, such as:  receiving a clear, tangible answer to a question we asked and hearing the “ghost voice” as an understood response on the digital voice recorder.  It is also reassuring to myself when I am able to bring comfort to those who are not quite sure of the paranormal world and wonder if their passed loved ones are okay, or still check in with them.

3. Where/how does science fit into ghost hunting and the supernatural?

Science fits into ghost hunting and the supernatural for people who need to see solid, physical evidence so they are able to have an answer to their question, substantial understanding to make sense of the situation.  For most people, the human mind cannot accept something that does not make tangible sense.  If you can’t prove it, then it must not exist.  For me, the only proof I need is what I’ve experienced, and the only person I need to prove my abilities to is myself.  I work with others if they request my assistance and I will use more scientific or objective equipment for them to be able to see what they cannot, yet I can see through my eyes.

4. Do you have any moral/ethical obligations in ghost hunting or communicating with the dead?

I do not charge money to help people who come to me requesting my assistance.  I open myself to receive messages if they choose to communicate with me, but I treat them respect as if they are alive and still in human form.  I am honest with my answers, so if I receive no form of communication I say I have no answer. I never have nor would I ever create a fictional answer just to give someone “something”.  I would prefer to try the session over again, or I will contact that person as I receive messages.  My mission in this industry is to experience and learn as much as I can in order to help “the public” understand that the human body does contain a “spirit” that does continue on after our human body expires.  It is not scary, nor is it dangerous, but people have to draw the line between truth and Hollywood.  I do not force people to share in my beliefs, but it is readily available if someone is interested in learning about ghosts and haunting from my perspective.  In regards to religion, it is non-denominational, my actions within the industry, and a belief in religion is not required in order to understand, believe in and accept the ghost world.

5. If it were possible to contact or bring back someone from the dead, who would you bring back and why? Try to think of someone who is not famous.

I would like to bring back my Grandpa Zima who passed on just after I turned 5 years old.  He and I were very close in life, and I have seen him many times since his passing over 28 years ago.  I believe he is a “late in life” spirit guide with me, but it would have been special to have him “in person” to witness my high school graduation, sporting events and my wedding.

6. Do you have any other thoughts or interesting theories you'd like to share?

I personally do not feel science is required in order to prove or show that ghosts and haunting exist, and despite what is thought of people like me with certain abilities, there are “unique” attributes that some humans have not understood by many of the science world.  Unfortunately, many people who consider themselves as “psychic” or who can speak with the dead are frauds, and that label has fallen over all of us within the industry.  I disconnected myself in general, and work as a one woman-team, with assistance from my husband, and am continuing on my mission to educate myself and the public about the paranormal.  I am more than grateful to have such unique abilities that I never take for granted, and hope to one day work hand-in-hand with science to show that people like me, and ghosts, do exist and are a common part of our lives.