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John Crocitto has been a paranormal investigator and researcher for the last ten years, and his area of expertise has proven to be places of historical signifigance. Employing cutting edge principles and theories to better understand the paranormal, Crocitto has starting teaching others about history, and using the paranormal as a popular theme, does so by showcasing the "ghosts of our past." His group of Paranormalists, Beyond Ghosts, travels extensively throughout Western New York, and the Northeastern US, offering a variety of dinner, lecture and ghost hunting packages and programs. Crocitto is also the host and producer of a popular paranormal radio show called "Beyond Ghosts Interactive Paranormal," enjoyed weekly by thousands around the world. This has afforded him the opportunity to interview and rub elbows with some of the biggest and brightest in the field of paranormal research. More information about Crocitto and his endeavors can be found at

1. How did you become interested in the supernatural?

My personal interest in the supernatural started while I was attending college in pursuit of my degree in the Biological Sciences. I spent many hours in area hospitals and morgues during internships and while working. During this time, the notion of what happens to us once we physically leave THIS plane of existence really started me wondering. A few years after graduating, I began to investigate and research claims of paranormal phenomena throughout Western New York.


2. What's the strangest or most interesting paranormal experience you've had?

I have had a number of inexplicable, odd things happen to me over the years. The one that sticks out the most in my mind took place just a few short years ago. I was investigating a suspected "haunted" theater with a small group of amateur investigators. As the senior "ghost hunter" of the team, I was more interested in showing these folks the ropes than actually investigatingfor myself. Nevertheless, at one point in the evening, we started to hear strange noises comingfrom the theater's balcony area just above our location. I climbed the stairs to check out the situation, and I figured the place was old, therefore, it was probably just the building "settling." Once I was in the balcony, I looked around for a few minutes, and it seemed that the sounds had stopped. I called out to the rest of the team, "Coast is clear guys," and I turned to walk back down the stairs. As I proceeded forward I was stopped dead in my tracks! The flashlight I use during investigations is a blue lensed C.S.I tool designed to follow blood trails in total darkness scenarios. As I raised my flashlight to light my way, I came "face to face" with a solid shadow figure! At first I couldn't believe what I was seeing, the thing appeared to be larger than me, and it moved independently too! Certainly, this was NOT me or my shadow! The icing on the cake was that the shadow figure darted left, then right, and then ran down the hallway in my opposite direction, and with a quickness far greater than anything I had ever personally witnessed! It was completely surreal! A second investigator who was coming up from the other end of the hall nearly had it run right into him, and the poor guy fell back over a row of seats in fright and surprise! We tried to recreate this event for the better part of a half hour or so, and each and every time was unsuccessful.

3. Where/how does science fit into ghost hunting and the supernatural?

I believe firmly that for science to become intrinsical in helping to disprove OR prove instances of paranormal or supernatural occurrences, we all have to be on the same page and agree as to what constitutes accepted phenomena. Also, what the accepted applicable scientific principles and theories which pertain to them would be. The paranormal is a fringe science in its infancy at best, or a branch of Physics overlooked or too often underapplied at worst. There is still so much ground to cover as we have too few answers to the myriad of questions that invariably remain. Seperating the fact from fiction is a major step in that "right" direction.

4. Do you have any moral/ethical obligations in ghost hunting or communicating with the dead?

Yes, I believe we do. Especially if you stop to think that the dead are revered around the world, and by every major culture out there. Not one of us is going to be spared from the finality of passing, and everyone has experienced loss, the death of a loved one, in some form or fashion. So it stands to reason that when communicating or "contacting" the dearly departed, integrity and respect should be the standard. So much can be learned from a paranormal experience when ghosts actually "talk" to and teach us, why risk missing out on this by employing tactics that others would deem inappropriate or rude.

5. If it were possible to contact or bring back someone from the dead, who would you bring back and why?

Try to think of someone who is not famous.

First off, outside of being an investigator of all things paranormal, I am considered a "Para-historian," and my area of expertise is ghosts and places of historical signifigance. The majority of my lectures and programs center around using the paranormal as a popular theme, in order to teach people about our history, about our past. Taking that off the table, and being able to bring someone BACK from the dead, I imagine most people would use this ability to resurrect a loved one who has passed prematurely, or someone that is missed tremedously. For myself, I would bring someone back that could do the greatest good for humanity, someone who would make a difference and an immediate impact. Iconic figures like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. stand out, but so do lesser known individuals like doctors who could help us find much needed cures to devastating diseases, and scientists who could help increase agricultural processes to feed those starving. Many of these folks have gone too soon, and before their greatest impact on this planet has ever been realized.


6. Do you have any other thoughts or interesting theories you'd like to share?

At this point, nobody can say for sure exactly what a "ghost" is, it's a matter of personal beleif and faith. I think it may be possible that spirits are merely energy signatures left behind by living people once they die. They may be nothing more than what remain of our "lingering" personalities. And as such, we behave very much in death as we did in life. Also, the notion that ghosts are "trapped" seems from my research to be a little outdated, and a real stretch. Spirits are more likely able to come and go as they please, "visiting" people and places as they so choose. My personal favorite is "this place can't be haunted, NOBODY ever died here!" However, I have investigated dozens of location where people have lived or visited, and there was NEVER any death or misery. Exhaustive research and homework is the paranormal investigator's best friend often times, and helps to corroborate these scenarios. ANY location or place, buildings and lands included, where Man has spent any amount of time, and people have had instances of emotion, passion, sorrow, etc..., can leave behind imprints (think energy residues) and these impressions can be captured and cataloged as paranormal phenomena. Of course these are only my opinions, and each and every one of us is entitled to our own.