Dr. Donald Ryles

Dr. Donald Ryles is an author, blogger, and student/explorer of the Unusual and Alternative Mind/Body Health. He is perhaps best known for his popular blog and his book…Hidden Secrets of "Many But One"…the true and often terrifying story of his lifetime of Paranormal contacts. You can visit his website at www.drryles.com to read of his lifetime of experiences with the strange and supernatural.

1. How did you become interested in the supernatural?

I have had psychic and unusual experiences since I was very young and between the age of around 8-16 I lived in a house that was very paranormally active. I guess my interest just grew out of a need to understand what was going on.

2. What's the strangest or most interesting paranormal experience you've had?

My strangest experience may kind of be a little similar in a way to what happens in the movie. I can  say from personal experience that what happens in the movie definitely could be possible... Several  years ago I was taking my mother to see her doctor at a local clinic . We had gone there many times and always went the same route and took the same elevator to the second floor. It is a 2 story building .My mother and I were in the elevator with only one other person. A man dressed in a maintenance uniform who smiled and said good day to us . When the elevator doors opened the man walked out and down a long hallway and we looked out to see a totally different hallway than we were used to seeing. The plaques with the doctors names were all changed, the doors to the offices were completely different, and the hall that lead to my mother doctors section was not even there . It was just a wall. There was a crew of 4-5 men working on some sort of metal framework in the middle of the hall that was large. It almost blocked the entire hallway. I looked out of the elevator and was completely puzzled since I did not recognize anything . One of the men stopped working and walked over to me and asked if he could help us . I smiled and told him that I must have been completely lost since I didn't recognize anything at all . He sort of chuckled and ask me what doctor we were looking for. I told him the name and he said "Oh yeah, Doctor ____ is on the first floor where he has always been" . I  was even more puzzled but told him thank you and pushed the button for the elevator to go down. As we were going down I asked my mother if her doctor had ever been on the first floor. She said as long as she had been seeing him he had always been on the top floor. When we got to the ground floor I walked out and over to a plaque a few feet from the elevator that lists all of the clinics doctors and locations . It listed my mothers doctor as being exactly where we had just came from. We went back toward the elevator to return to the second floor to figure out what was going on and I reminded my mother that the crew had the hallway almost blocked and told her we could get around the equipment they had all over the hall better if we took the stairs up. The stairs were directly across from the elevator. When we got back to the second floor the workmen were gone. All of the equipment was gone. The large device they were working on was gone . The halls were all back to normal . The doors were back to normal . The plaques had the correct doctors names and the section her doctor was in was back . Our entire trip downstairs and back up did not take over possibly a minute to a minute and a half . When I got my mother checked in at her doctors office I went looking for something that might help me explain what had happened. I searched most of the entire second floor and found no sign of a construction crew , new construction, or any type of metal framework. I went back to wait with my mother and after her visit we rode the elevator up and down several times and walked the stairs up and down a few times and everything was normal  so we left, very puzzled, to go home. When we got to the car my mother looked over at me and asked "What do you think happened to that maintenance man ?" . I had completely forgotten about him. She looked over at me and said " The hallway he walked down was not there anymore when we went back up ". I remembered that he had walked out and down a long hallway that when everything returned to normal was totally different . The hallway he walked down was very long and empty and had lights in the center of the ceiling running the length of the hall .He was the only person I saw go down that hall. In the normal setting once you exit the elevator and walk that direction you enter a small lunchroom in about 20 feet. I began to think in my mind that apparently he must have been connected with the crew in some way or he would have been as perplexed as us and not exited the elevator. Then my mother looked at me and said something that truly chilled me . She said " What would have happened to us if we would have gotten off of the elevator ?"  . I am still not sure what happened that day . I have thought maybe we had seen into the future, or back in time, or maybe into another dimension, or into an alternate spirit world...I am not sure, but it is definitely the strangest thing I have experienced in my life so far.

3. Where/how does science fit into ghost hunting and the supernatural?

I believe that modern science is very skeptical of anything that is seemingly paranormal or supernatural . This is understandable though since much that is paranormal cannot be firmly proven...yet. I believe that as science and paranormal research each progress one day the strangest of today's paranormal events will just be considered normal scientific fact.

4. Do you have any moral/ethical obligations in ghost hunting or communicating with the dead?

I think the best way to answer that is to say think of the dead just as you do the living . When you encounter them or speak to them treat them with respect and intelligence  just as you would your friends or family . Remember that the one thing  all of us will share regardless of our colors, beliefs , or where we are from is that we will all one day die.

5. If it were possible to contact or bring back someone from the dead, who would you bring back and why? Try to think of someone who is not famous.

Of course everyone's first thought is to bring back a relative, friend, or beloved pet and I am no different. I can think of several I might bring back. If you are seeking information and proof of the afterlife though  it would be best to bring someone back who while alive had been very interested in and studied the paranormal. They would be best suited to explain everything and also more likely to want to come back to explain . You would have to be very careful since a lot of people will not want to come back.

6. Do you have any other thoughts or interesting theories you'd like to share?

I would just say to everyone that interest in the supernatural and paranormal is at an all time high these days. The paranormal is like anything else. It is a lot of fun to learn about and get involved with, but some parts of it can be very dangerous . My advice is to by all means get involved, but be careful and take all precautions .