Doc Paranormal of "Ask Doc Paranormal"

Doc Paranormal is a national journalist and adjunct professor at Edgar Allan Poe Community College. He runs a blog at where he takes his readers on a voyage into the furthest reaches of the paranormal.


1. How did you become interested in the supernatural?

Scary movies. Legend of Hell House comes to mind.

2. What's the strangest or most interesting paranormal experience you've had?

Never had one. But I've interviewed hundreds of people who have. It's an exceedingly rare experience. As a rule of thumb, people who've had one paranormal experience I give the benefit of doubt. If they report two or
more--and try to earn money from it--no. And "professional" TV psychics--forget it.

3. Where/how does science fit into ghost hunting and the supernatural?

At this point, most scientists are skeptics because the typical paranormal experience can't be repeated in laboratory setting.

4. Do you have any moral/ethical obligations in ghost hunting or communicating with the dead?

Never attempted to do either in order to maintain journalistic distance.

5. If it were possible to contact or bring back someone from the dead, whom would you bring back and why? Try to think of someone who is not famous.

Samuel Arkoff of American International Pictures. He produced many great low-budget movies.

6. Do you have any other thoughts or interesting theories you'd like to share?

I'm not usually psychic, but my crystal ball says Phasma Ex Machina will outgross Avatar